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Our Curriculum

"We believe that growth is a sequential and orderly process, and there is no child who cannot learn!"

Here at Training Children Childcare and Learning Center we focus on a Christian-HighScope philosophy and build our curriculum on spiritual techniques that meet the needs of the "whole-child".

The age appropriate, anti-bias curriculum has been devised by Christian teachers and administrators and contains day-by-day lesson plans for the entire year!

Key Experiences:

  • Math Concepts
  • Planning and Adapting the Learning Environment
  • Teacher-led group activities
  • Assessments of child's progress

At TCC, children engage in learning areas throughout the classroom with a variety of learning materials available for building, dramatic play, arts, reading and writing, music and movement, science, sensory, and motor development. These "Educational Movements" are planned so children can actively manipulate and experience objects and then represent what they have learned.

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